PeakFinder AR App yorumlar

Great app, would rate higher but...

This app is amazing in many ways. It is easy to use and very intuitive. It is easy to export pictures with just the peaks you want labeled. It is really fun use while hiking and I have used extensively on numerous hikes in the NE Appalachian mountains with no difficulty. I was excited to use the app on an upcoming trip to Thailand and Laos. I downloaded the area before the left, but every time I use the app in this region it tells me there is a better region to use, despite being in the middle of the region I downloaded. So I tried to download this data, using a good WiFi connection and every time at 30mb I get an error message and it does finish. I have 1.5gb available on my older model iPhone. A more specific error message and the ability to resume interrupted downloads would be excellent features. Also the region I downloaded has very few of the prominent mountains and hills labeled despite my father in law knowing the names of them. This would be a five star for use in the states, but was a little disappointed that it did not work as well in Thailand and Laos. Every hiker should check this app out though. It is super fun and all my hiking buddies have purchased the app after using mine on hikes.

Best 5 dollars you’ve ever spent!!

If you have ever gone hiking once in your life you’ve looked at a mountain and wondered it’s name and elevation. Solution solved works impeccably all over the world.

Not user friendly

Several of us tried to get this all to work on prominent peaks near Vail, all unsuccessfully on my Iphone6

A wonderful app for hikers

I absolutely love this app and whenever I show another hiker the magic of this app they also want to purchase this app. I have used this app in the northeast and west coast and each time I get great results. I enjoy the photo feature as well. Finally, I know each of the mountains I am looking at in the distance. Kudos to the app developers.

best app on my phone

that is , its unique so i only have one app for finding peaks, and i use it a lot

Not what I had hoped for

Disappointed that the app only names prominent peaks. I live in Colorado and we have thousands of peaks, very few are named in the app. Frustrating to be looking at a beautiful peak with no idea what the name is - that’s why I purchased the app. Look for something else.


If you are more advanced, this is a poor app. It has smaller mountains (or hills) near cities but three tallest peaks in national forests it does not have? How could the app not have the second tallest peak in the Oregon coastal range?

Error during download

Unable to use app. Preliminary download of info led to error message every time. Waste of money.

Must have if you do any hiking

Loving the new AR and capture features. I’ve had this app for a while and use it all the time. It’s a real crowd pleaser with friends!

Not very user friendly

My friend bought a peak finder app for her Droid based smart phone and I was so impressed with it that I had to get one for my iPhone. Sadly the one she has is not made for the iOS software. So I got this one. Two major flaws I’ve noticed: -It’s often inaccurate and you have to line it up manually. This requires you to match up their line drawing with the mountain range you are trying to place. This can be a little ambiguous and has left me feeling less than confident in knowing for certain which peak is which. -Second major flaw, you can’t just snap a photo of the peaks and their names, you have to do a screen shot. That requires pushing the power button and home button simultaneously. Doing that requires two hands and readjusting one’s position. I can’t simply pull my phone out quickly, point and shoot. I have to stop, make sure I have two hands available and then do a screen shot, which is a bit trickier for me to pull off while trying to hold the phone up and hold it steady. My excitement for this app disappeared quickly after purchase. I’d actually like to return it if that was a possibility.

Cool app.

Easy to become a peak geek with this.

Buyer Beware 2

What the developer does not tell you when purchasing this app is after making the initial $4.99 purchase, you need to buy each state or lacation as a seperate purchase. Example, if you live in the State of Washington, you'll need to purchase the App for $4.99 and and extra $0.99 for Washington State, etc.

I like to get lost

This is a beautiful simple app. I can feel more safe getting lost because i can orient myself to the landmarks i am familiar with. This app is allowing me to get on a first name basis with all the mountain characters in my geographical neighborhood! I love it!

App finesse!

So much attention to detail, from the fluid movement of the view, to the artistic sketch style of the display, and now with AR! It is humbling to think of all the calculations and sensing that’s going on behind this beautiful interface. They say technology advances by increasing the number of things we can do without thinking about it. PeakFinder has definitely advanced technology. It’s an app worth seeing, even if you’ve never wondered “What’s the name of that lump?”

Very inaccurate

Very inaccurate. You have to already know the peaks to know what you’re looking at. It sometimes identifies peaks that are 180 degrees the other way. I emailed the designer, but he doesn’t seem to know how to fix it.

A gem of an app

Went skiing in Switzerland and used the app for the first time on the Parpaner Rothorn. My dad used to know the names of all the peaks - I need some help - this app did perform flawlessly. What a great app to enjoy the big outdoors even more!

Doesn't work

Staying in Northern Washington state, tried to see what mountains are around me, app still showing Cascadia mountains in southern Washington. Completely wrong place by hundreds of miles.


Only offers a few names of obvious peaks. Leaves out most. Considering I paid for this it was a big disappointment.

Fun and informative!

Have been using for a while on iphone6 .. other than a little trouble getting the image registered with the visible mountains (often in remote locations with negligible cell service), it has worked very well. It is really fun to be able to put a name on mountains both familiar and new!

Awesome Apo!

I used this app on my Pacific Crest Trail thru hike and I continue to use it every time I go run or put my backpack on. It’s so awesome to know what mountains are around me!

Even works in Wisconsin!

I don’t use PeakFinder a lot, not many mountains in Wisconsin, but it is by far my favorite app. I am forever demo’ing it to friends showing them the ar function by finding our famous Blue Mounds which rise about 950 feet above sea level. Yep, PeakFinder finds it! Can’t wait until I go to Alaska this spring. If I were forced to bring only one app, this would be it!! Awesome app!!

Easy to use

Really good app. The AR is a nice feature. Helps you to seem like your an outdoor expert when you go on hikes with friends. I recommend this app.

Great app

Really shows off the synergy between GPS, a camera, accelerometers, gyroscopes and an amazing database. I use it whenever I’m on vacation and take pictures in the mountains: just take a screenshot of the app looking at the same area you’re taking pictures of and you have a perfect record later on of what you were looking at. I add it to all my vacation albums. And everybody you show it to is just amazed at how well it works. A couple of minutes after I show them, they’re downloading it.

Very cool

Beautiful app!

Pretty sweet app

Even if you don’t go out hiking all the time, this app is a ton of fun. “What’s that thing over there? It looks like we could get on top!” Well, mom, that’s a little bump called Nipple Peak. The app was a huge hit on our brief tour around the southwest.

Needs update to iPhone X

This is a wonderful app for finding out about the peaks around you. I would like to see an update for the iPhone X so when you rotate to landscape the notch doesn’t cut off the menu icons.

Gave it a 5

But I get confused because it’s at previous location when opened. Nice if it was more obvious that this what’s happening. Many heat features.

Peak finder AR...

I live in Salt Lake City Utah and many prominent peaks in the area are missing on your app. 9000’ Mount Olympus is a very popular prominent peak and yet it’s not named in this app. This is just one example of HUGE peaks that are missing! It’s only a mile from my home.

Love this app

Long time user. Developer listens and keeps adding features. So cool to be able to find the names of mountains everywhere I go. Keep up the good work.

Great App!

I have been using PeakFinder for a while and it has really helped me find my way through the mountains and tell me the names. When PeakFinder AR came out, the whole process of naming and finding routes got much, much easier.


I’ve been a PeakFinder user for awhile, but the implementation of ARKit has made the app nearly flawless. It’s essential if you spend time out in nature. Hell, it’s essential if you have a curiosity about the world around you. Well worth the money.


I use this app all the time. I hike a bunch in the mountains and being able to see the names of adjacent peaks helps me decide where to hike next. I’ve recommended this app to everyone I meet on the trail. Now that the developer has added AR and other features everyone who I show it too is very impressed. Such a simple idea but so cool. Keep up the good work!

Great app and stays updated

I live in Colorado and this app is fantastic! The developer also updates the app with useful features! GREAT

Spectacular app!

Not only does this beautiful app have wonderful uses, it's so lovely to look at that I could just spend ages playing with it. Wonderful! Highly recommended for literally anyone-- whether you are just curious as to what that mountain over there is called or if you're a landscape photographer seeking the perfect vantage of a scene. Just fabulous.

Updates like Christmas

As a climber and mountaineer, I love this app. Most importantly, every update is a monumental improvement in the right direction. Looking forward to this gift that keeps on giving. Download this and give the creators their dues because this app ROCKS (get it?).

Mind boggling

This app blows my mind. 10/10 must have.

Really good

You can easily adjust the mapping by using sun or moon or mountain position for best accuracy, and easily adjust the desired radius you want mountain info on. Of the handful of similar apps I have tried, this one is the best, hands down.

Long-time PF user, suddenly in love with PeakFinder

Today I went hiking here in Colorado. As I often do, I opened PeakFinder to figure out what peaks are which. Ordinarily, this was a frustrating process, because when I hold my iPhone 7 vertically, the compass doesn't work, and it was hard to look back and forth to match the outlines with the view. Today, WOW, augmented reality! I can see the view _and_ the info all together, right on the iPhone! Suddenly, it was easy to align the peaks to the view on the screen, and voilà! In seconds we identified each of the twenty peaks we could see, even the distant ones that were barely visible behind the others. We all were dazzled! Each of the five people on the trip said they'd be buying PeakFinder. If you love mountains, check it out. Even if you're not sure, I hope you get to see it in action some day. If you do, I'm certain you'll be buying it, too.

Great update

This has long been a favorite app for traveling and hiking. Very helpful in conjunction with maps to get your bearings or just answer the question, "what is the name of that mountain?" To be honest, I thought it was a five star app before this upgrade. Adding the camera and the ability to make slight adjustments to more accurately track the terrain is brilliant. You don’t need this app, but you will want it!

Fantastic - great in the White Mountains

Hike a lot in NH - the app is terrific, especially with the recent updated graphics and photo overlay capability.

Great app

Easiest 5 star review I've ever done

Really handy for navigation

It helps locate peaks around you and find you on a topo map

The Best App I Never Knew I Needed

I thought this would be a gimmicky app, but boy was I wrong! I go climbing and hiking all over Colorado, and find this app a go-to when I'm out adventuring, just behind my mapping app. I also use it for working ham radio for summits on the air, it makes it very easy to point a directional antenna at another radio operator on a summit!

Don't go into the mountains without it!

Love this app

Easily a favorite

This is a GREAT app. It's invaluable if you're curious at all about your surroundings, and very addicting to use while exploring. It will never move from its rightful place on my main home screen next to Maps, GMaps and Sky Guide.


This app works flawlessly - a great addition for anyone who spends time outdoors and likes to know more about the features they can see.

Peak Finder

Excellent app easy to navigate


This is a must have for anybody who spends time in the mountains. This is exactly what I was hoping to find when I searched for a peak identifying app. This is phenomenal.

Accurate and Informative

Good app! Gives me all the info I need to understand the terrain around me.

Great app

I used it in Switzerland and it worked great. It was really cool identify the mountains.

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