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Great app

Easy to use, fantastic way to discover your surroundings. And an additional occasion to take time and discover your landscapes Well done

Best of its kind

+ quick, precise, flexible - difficult to understand in the beginning, should name more peaks

Peak finder earth

I want my money back

Highly recommended

I was thrown off when the app first showed mountains in Europe, but after an initial 50MB download of data and a minute to figure out he controls I was seeing all the peaks around me in the Canadian Rockies. The interface is smooth and not jittery, and the search has been lightning fast and accurate. This is my new favourite app!

One of my favourite apps

As a lover of mountains I have looked for a way to identify peaks around the world. And in Peakfinder I found the perfect solution. I tested it in areas I know really well and am astonished about the accuracy of the information I get. I looked at mountains in Switzerland as well as Western Canada and the Northwestern US. "Amazing" is the word that comes to mind..

Peak finder

Pure crap. Not worth downloading for free.

Not worth it!

View finder is off track. I am fairly familiar with peaks in my area but thought this app would help with some I was not. App is frustrating to try to get to work and if unfamiliar with your geography it is useless.


Again, disappointed, bad to find correct and all the mountains.

Big disappointment

Its the second time I am trying to get Support. Each time I go hiking app requires downloading new maps. I dont have to mention that without internet it is in most cases impossible. Big disappointment.

Must-have for geo dorks on the front range

Makes it very easy to identify all the peaks, even smaller foothills. All the features you want are there, somewhere-- e.g., you can falsify a higher elevation to see more of the area if desired. The only thing missing is an "exaggerate topo" parameter, as in google earth; some of the peak shapes dont match what your eyes see. It would also be helpful to "layer" mountains, to better differentiate which peaks are behind others (grayscale based on distance would probably work). Overall, solidly built and feature-rich.

Perfect for Alaska

I got the app when traveling to Alaska and it is absolutely amazing. A must have for travelers.

Not Impressed

When I point the phone at a peak it is usually way off (usually between 90 and 180 degrees off). The reason I gave it three stars instead of one is because if you know some of the peaks in the general area you can look at those peaks and compare the look of the peaks in the app to other peaks and attempt to determine the other unknown peaks. Definitely not worth the money. I wish I could get a refund!

Wonderful app

People should read the manual on the website before criticizing the app. Its very powerful!


Good resource for hiking and chilling in the mountains.

Agree with Dont Waste Your Money

Simply did not work in Colorado with any accuracy. Even after it figured out I wasnt in the Alps.


I will not even give it a star. It is useless and a waste of money. I was looking for an app that I could use when I hike to identify peaks in the distance. it was difficult if not impossible to read outside.

Great for hiking

Went to the top of the Mt, but didnt know what was around. Going back this wknd and will use this app!

Doesnt keep data for offline!

Whyyyyyy does it dump the data after a while? Useless in the mountains with no service.

IOS 10

Im thinking its time for an upgrade. Doesnt work all that well with IOS 10. Thanks.

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